About Us

Our site began with a question:

What will happen when our cars are the ones doing the driving?

The emerging world of autonomous cars will push the industry into unprecedented territory, and we want to be there as it all unfolds. Regulations and compliance, safety, infrastructure… how will each of these areas change? How will our lives alter when we aren’t steering the wheel? What opportunities and limitations does a driverless world hold?

Let’s explore those answers together.

We’ll follow the trends and keep our finger on the pulse of what’s next—and bring it all to you right here.

…So who are we, anyway?

We’re a bunch of self-driving car enthusiasts who really, REALLY want to see how this technology develops. We each have a background in the automotive industry that primes us to bring you top-headline news as it happens… and to be able to break it down for you into what it really means (because c’mon—who even knows what LiDAR is, anyway?).

So follow along with us as we dispel the myths, break down the latest tech, and follow the evolution of this exciting new world.